Canada has its own special features, some of which you might not even know!

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In this article we will talk about unique Canadian things that will never appear in other countries.

1. Skiing season in Whistler, lasting 7 months

Ski trails in Whistler Blackcomb (Whistler-Blackcomb) are usually open from November to May. This is one of the longest skiing seasons on the continent.

2. Giant coin

When the authorities vetoed the idea of ​​Ted Szilya to increase the size of Canadian pentecots, he “returned fire” and raised a 9-meter coin … And you thought that kitsch attractions are peculiar only to America?

3. Crispy Crunch Bar

The bar is made by Cadbury and is a purely Canadian sweet. Delicious waffles and peanuts make you book a ticket to Canada.

4. Lake Louise

Here you can ski, practice yoga or go kayaking. On Lake Louise, you can not only relax well, but also get a great aesthetic pleasure, enjoying the beauty of the local landscapes.

5. Swedish Fish Factory in North America

Did you know that many Canadians’ favorite jelly candies are made in Ontario?

6. Tim Horton’s Diners

No trip to Canada is complete without a visit to this diner. Tim Hortons – the unofficial symbol of the country, which is famous for its coffee drinks and sweet donuts.

7. dry-skinned

They are everywhere and they are cool.

8. Real fortress city

Canadian cities rating for house availability

Quebec City

Quebec is the only fortified city to the north of Mexico, whose walls still stand. Another plus, it is located on the water.