Canadian news

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Internal surveillance.

Security issues. At the end of last summer, the government of Justin Trudeau gave Canada’s counterintelligence service the right to monitor and collect information on the country’s citizens. Reporting this, the Canadian press has expressed certain concerns related to the violation of the ban by special services for surveillance inside Canada. Obvious caution is also caused by the fact that such a decision was made in the form of federal elections, when the ruling Liberal Party seeks to present the conservative opposition with a gathering of ultra-right extremists and “white terrorists” who deserve persecution from the security forces. The permission for “internal espionage” is framed by requirements relating such actions to the interests of the investigation. Indeed, in today’s world, information and threats are global. But still I would like to hope that the existing government and security forces will focus on real dangers – for example, on returning “to their homeland” Canadians who participated in terrorist activities abroad.

Ban on disposable plastic.

Ecological disaster. The government of Justin Trudeau announced a ban on food and household plastic disposable scheduled for 2021.

Liberals have not yet decided on the range of prohibited products. But, probably, the ban will be disposable cups, food containers from the fast food industry, sticks for stirring drinks, plates, tubes, bags, sticks with cotton and many other items.

In addition, the government intends to oblige consumer plastic companies, from cups for coffee to smartphone cases, to recycle household plastic waste. In practice, this can be a very complicated matter, which also threatens with the rising cost of a wide range of goods. However, the price increase will happen anyway, since biomaterials that are alternative to food plastics are still much more expensive. It is worth noting that the main sources of plastic waste are China and the United States.

The initiative announced personally by the Prime Minister is frankly pre-election in nature, and it remains to be hoped that in case of victory in October, the conservatives will support this initiative in one form or another. Despite the hype about climate change, a well-forgotten ecological disaster, nobody really canceled it, and one of the most destructive of its manifestations is environmental pollution with plastic garbage.

At the same time, the initiative of the Trudeau government may not get the most pleasant continuation for Canadians. According to press reports, the liberals are considering the possibility of introducing a plastic tax on the carbon principle.