The popular shopping center in Vancouver will help the local homeless.

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CF Pacific Center now allows the homeless to sleep inside. In addition, the mall is also taking additional steps to help the homeless, who end up spending the night at the mall.

Now homeless people will be able to sleep in the center and use the toilets in the morning.

In this regard, for staff working at the Pacific Center at night, will conduct special training. They will be taught to provide first aid, to help people with psychological problems, and also to teach how to cope with possible conflicts.

Brent Findlay, a senior manager at the mall, explained such a move by the fact that there is not enough space in shelters for all homeless people.

Part of the society has already commended the decision of the shopping center, including Union Gospel Mission (UGM) attorney Jeremy Hunck. UGM is a Canadian charity based in Vancouver that helps the vulnerable community overcome poverty and dependency.

“When people are in distress, they feel and care about them, it becomes easier for them to ask for help and find a way out of this situation,” says Junka.

Now in Vancouver, there is a crisis of the homeless – more than 3,600 people live on the street. This is a serious problem for Greater Vancouver.

Jennifer Evans and Mohamad Faqih did not know each other, but in a few hours they managed to unite to take about 20 homeless people from the street where the severe cold was raging.

It all started when Evans saw an urgent tweet on the Twitter account of the Toronto Overdose Prevention Society (OPS), which said that there were no places left.

Gillian Colla, who volunteers for the Toronto-based OPS, says many homeless people have nowhere to go that night, so she called to try to find shelters with empty seats.

The volunteer contacted the two centers, but both shelters were filled to the limit.